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​Leading from Within

Surveys of nonprofits have repeatedly shown that succession planning is a major concern. The Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit advisor to mission-driven organizations, says the need for development leaders is about to become even more pressing.

Training and mentoring current staff can prepare them to fill senior level positions in the future and avoid the high costs for recruiting and training. But, according to a recent Bridgespan Group study, 25 percent of senior nonprofit executives have left their jobs, with nearly 25 percent of top level talent predicted to leave their positions in the next two years. At this rate, the study suggests, the entire senior nonprofit executive workforce will need to be replaced in the next eight years.

However, a solution is hidden in plain sight. By promoting from within, Bridgespan advises, nonprofits can attract and keep effective leaders. Bridgespan points to four key ways to do so, including identifying effective managers who are natural mentors.

For the entire list and to learn more, see Better Nonprofit Succession Planning Hinges on Training Leaders From Within.

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