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How Highly Successful People Plan

From what you wear to how to prioritize, here are the somewhat surprising planning methods of some of the most successful people in the world.

Whether it’s Mark Zuckerberg’s perpetual gray shirt and jeans, one of Barack Obama’s standard blue or grey suits, or Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits, a “uniform” eliminates the need to make some basic wardrobe decisions. This planning method can also be applied to what you eat for breakfast, when you go to the gym, or any other routine task.

Detailed, strategic planning is also key. Taking time to look at the big picture provides clarity in decision-making that isn’t possible when you are reacting to what is going on. Bill Gates implemented what he called “Think Week” twice a year. During that time, he refused visitors and instead read articles and papers about new technology ideas, shaping his plans for the future. Scheduling time to review your key objectives, conceptualize, and ultimately execute is crucial to attaining your goals.

By continually reacting to urgent demands, sometimes the truly important projects lose out. Successful people assess incoming requests; if they don’t align with the big picture, they are politely refused.

The bottom line is: success is planned. It’s the direct result of preparing and focusing your time on your most important goals.

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