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Search Services

Our Search Approach

Why Choose Lindauer as Your Search Partner?

For 25 years, Lindauer has built an extensive network of nonprofit professionals, many of whom we have worked with as clients and/or candidates. Because of our singular focus, Lindauer can identify candidates who not only bring the highest level of skill and talent, but also will thrive given your unique culture, challenges, and opportunities. Lindauer believes that a senior leader’s early success has roots in an effective search process. We advise on, support, and facilitate the ways in which our clients are engaged in the search from beginning to end.


Our Industry Expertise

At Lindauer, our consultants deeply understand mission-driven organizations across all segments of the nonprofit sector. We’ve partnered with clients on thousands of searches throughout the United States and across four continents.

Academic Medicine, Healthcare, Science + Health-Related Charities
Advocacy, Policy + Social Enterprise
Arts + Culture

Our Functional Expertise

With renowned historic expertise in fundraising and advancement, Lindauer today offers a wide range of search, leadership, and talent management services across a range of executive and professional roles.

Executive Leadership
Analytics, Data Science + Advancement Services
Fundraising + Advancement
Marketing, Communications + Digital Engagement
Diversity, Equity + Inclusion
Alumni + Constituent Engagement

Talent Management Services

The best nonprofits know that an integrated talent management strategy is essential for success. We can help you develop, implement, and maintain that plan, one that’s fully aligned with your mission.


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