Alumni + Constituent Engagement

Fostering Lifelong Relationships Between People and Organizations

Recruiting top alumni engagement talent is critical not only in the field of education, but also in sectors with growing alumni opportunities, including member affinities with youth services and arts and culture organizations, grateful patients with health organizations, and various philanthropic foundation communities. In recent years, we’ve also witnessed the exciting expansion of alumni communities in the realms of advocacy, charity, social impact, and nonprofit-adjacent entities.

Across the nonprofit landscape, alumni engagement leaders are building sophisticated programs to nurture lifelong, mutually rewarding relationships between institutions and the people they serve. Forging and strengthening these relationships requires a carefully calibrated blend of mission alignment, creativity, and data-driven decision-making.

With a deep understanding of the strategies and skill sets necessary for meaningful alumni and constituent engagement, Lindauer connects organizations with the professionals who will catalyze engagement opportunities, services, and giving among graduates, members, and supporters.

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Lindauer consultants excel in sourcing candidates who possess essential competencies and experience and who embody an institution’s mission and values, ensuring seamless integration with adjacent advancement and development objectives.

We understand that alumni and constituent engagement can often extend into several intertwining initiatives, including fostering connections through events, mentorship programs, and affinity groups; providing lifelong learning opportunities and career services; and cultivating a culture of philanthropy and volunteerism.

These initiatives increasingly demand significant experience in development, donor engagement, communications, digital outreach, and data analytics. Lindauer’s integrated and long-established expertise in these areas can help you align talent with opportunities for harnessing the passion, dedication, and myriad capabilities of your community of supporters.

If you are embarking on a search and interested in using the services of a search firm, we would love to learn about your open position, your organization, and your goals for the future.

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Alumni + Constituent Engagement Practice Team


Jill Lasman

Senior Advisor


Faith Montgomery

Senior Vice President


Andrew Machado

Senior Consultant


Libby Roberts

Senior Executive Vice President


Megan Abbett

Assistant Vice President


Maureen Huminik

Vice President and Managing Director


Carmel Napolitano

Vice President


Raegan Harvey

Senior Consultant


Chandra Montgomery

Senior Consultant + Director, Equity and Inclusion Practice


Josh Maker

Senior Consultant


Alexandra Barber



Terri Rutter

Assistant Vice President


Lauren Haines

Senior Consultant + Senior Director, Business Development


Khushboo Rami-Patel

Senior Consultant


Taylor Beard



Alexus Forte

Associate Consultant

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