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Finding Transformational Leaders

Lindauer understands the importance of strong leadership in all organizations. For nearly 25 years, we have worked with mission-driven organizations, colleges and universities, culture and arts organizations, hospitals and medical centers, and health, policy, justice, and issue-centered agencies to identify transformational leaders. We guide boards and search committees to engage effectively in the selection process, consider transition issues, and prepare institutions for their next eras.

We know the right leader embraces change, propels an organization to realize its vision, energizes the community and its many constituencies, and enables it to realize its mission more fully.

A Chief Executive Officer, President, or Executive Director search is among the most important functions that a nonprofit governing board undertakes. Bringing in the right finance, operating, strategy, marketing, advancement, or information executives likewise drives innovation, achievement, and impact. An effective search process is critical, therefore, to a successful outcome and to the organization’s future.

The partnership approach we take at Lindauer reflects decades of best practice honed on leading principles from every nonprofit sector. We know what works and what does not. We understand effective community, staff, and volunteer engagement. We leverage our renowned leadership networks and drive an effective, step-by-step process.

Lindauer has also been a relentless champion for diverse leadership and equity, inclusion, and belonging since the firm’s founding. Our team today continues its leadership and advocacy in equity and anti-racism through our work with boards, leaders, hiring managers, search peers, a trusted network of industry advisors and consultants, and an extraordinary roster of talented professionals.

Let us help your organization recruit + retain top nonprofit talent

“Working with Lindauer was a very rewarding experience. Their team was professional, responsive, and prepared — always one step ahead of us. They understood our individual needs and were able to present a top-tier slate of candidates.”

-Cos Mallozzi, Chair, National Board of Directors
Scleroderma Foundation

Executive Leadership Practice Team

Deb Taft

Chief Executive Officer

Faith Eutsay

Vice President

Maureen Huminik

Vice President

Jill Lasman

Senior Executive Vice President

Terri Rutter

Assistant Vice President

Libby Roberts

Senior Vice President

Carmel Napolitano

Vice President

Tensie J. Taylor


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