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CDO University® Dinner Seminar Recap

Recently, LOIS L. LINDAUER SEARCHES (Lindauer) hosted a dinner featuring ten of the top Chief Development Officers in the New England area. The purpose of the gathering, as for previous CDO University® events, was to provide a forum for development leaders to exchange experiences, ideas, successes and challenges. The dinner’s featured topic: Boards, and the CDO’s unique experiences with their Trustees.

Participants at the invitation-only event represented a variety of different nonprofit sectors: higher education, healthcare, and arts and culture. Also in attendance was special guest Jim Thompson, Founding Principal of Wise Counsel Advisors and previous Senior Vice President of Advancement and Alumni Relations at the University of Rochester. Jim shared his own “lessons learned” building enthusiastic, energetic and generous Boards of Trustees.

At the dinner, CDOs discussed ways Board Members can:

* Understand the time and commitment of serving on a board
* Support and advocate for measurements and planning
* Gain clarity around the board recruitment process
* Represent diversity
* Reflect international trends
* Develop philanthropically

While no definitive conclusions were reached, the opportunity to share with their peers was wholeheartedly embraced by the CDOs.

The evening ended with a request to cover the topic of “Generational Giving” at the next CDO dinner, to be scheduled for 2016.

Do you have a topic you would like to see covered by CDO University® in the coming year? If so, please share it

About CDO University®:

LLLS CDO University® is a cross-sector, multi-media educational program focused on the role of the Chief Development Officer.

Through this program, Lindauer strengthens the profession by offering a variety of media to support standing CDOs and help aspiring CDOs to achieve their goals.

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