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Five Development-Friendly Apps

From networking to parking, project planning to special events, these apps help make life just a bit easier and more organized for the development professional.


MagicPlan allows you to easily create indoor maps by simply taking photos of venues with your phone. It then draws up a floor plan that you can keep on hand for planning fundraising or alumni events. It’s an efficient way to figure out seating arrangements, auction areas, decor, and more for your special events.


Streamline event registration with this app that allows nonprofits to sync invited guests with donor-record databases. It also sends a text to alert gift officers when a key donor has checked in to an event.


Trello is a productivity tool that keeps track of everything from big picture projects to small details. “To Do” lists are created by organizing individual “cards” for personal or group use.


Refresh builds a cheat sheet on people you interact with, gathering their public social media posts and presenting information that can help forge a connection quickly. Integration with Evernote lets you add personal meeting notes as well.


Best Parking directs you to parking lots in over 100 cities and 115 airports. It identifies lots closest to your destination, as well as current rates (if the rate is wrong, they will send a $5 Starbucks eGift card when you report it). The app also offers discounts to select parking lots.

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