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What Makes a True Leader

In a recent article in, author Marcel Schwantes reveals the key leadership skills that he has identified as common among successful leaders.

Schwantes narrows his list to six, based upon business books, research papers, and the opinions of business executives. Among these common traits are:

  • Being willing to question the status quo: Successful leaders are willing to reconsider the current approaches and to explore new options. They also encourage others in the organization to be honest about their opinions and to raise questions.
  • Never stop learning: The leaders who are the most effective are those who are always ready to learn something new. They pursue their own personal growth and seek mentors who can aide them in this process.
  • All ships rise together: Schwantes recognized that the best managers are also interested in helping their team be successful. It is not about their own glory, but about everybody reaching their goals.
  • Relationships are the key: Strong leaders are always thinking about how to construct better relationships with their co-workers and with their clients.

To read more about Schwantes’ signs of a true leader, visit “6 Signs to Instantly Identify Someone with True Leadership Skills” in

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