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Top Qualities of Great Leaders, According to Microsoft CEO

When identifying the traits that make the best leaders, self-reflection and years of experience leading Microsoft uniquely positions CEO Satya Nadella to share his thoughts.

In lectures he’s given on leadership, Nadella zeroed in on three key attributes that he identifies as critical — both in his people and in himself. And he admits that these characteristics are not easy to maintain on a daily basis.

Provide clarity

“Leaders have this amazing, uncanny capability of bringing clarity into a situation where none exists,” quotes him as saying.

Generate positive energy

Have genuine passion and enthusiasm: “You have to create energy all around you… you have got to have followership all around you,” said Nadella.

Drive success

And lastly, capitalize on your opportunities, he said: “You have to be able to figure it out and drive success.”

He also noted that empathy plays a critical role in being a good leader.

For more information, please see “Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the 3 Qualities that Make a Great Leader.”

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