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The New Year’s Resolution That Will Transform Your Career

New Year’s resolutions are easy to make and even easier to ignore once the holiday has passed. While the most popular are exercising, dieting, or saving money, a strong resolution about your career can help advance your professional life. Here’s what Forbes recommends in its article “The Number One New Year’s Resolution You Need For Your Career.”


Take some time to think about what went on this year, what you’d like the next one to hold, and your values. Evaluating experiences from your past gives you an opportunity to find areas for improvement and boost productivity.

Set a Goal and Make a Plan

Write down your goal to solidify your vision, and make sure it’s vivid and specific. A granular, detailed plan that outlines what you want, when you want it, and how you can get there is far more likely to be realized than a vague target.

Work With Your Fear

Goals involve change, which can often be scary. Instead of turning away from that, embrace it. Take this opportunity to remind yourself of all that you’ve accomplished, and ask a trusted friend or colleague to help you hold yourself accountable.

Enacting a goal is never truly easy, especially if you have big plans for your future. By taking the time to consider what you want to accomplish, create a detailed roadmap, and overcome your fears, you’ll set yourself up for new beginnings and the next phase of your professional life.

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