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Lindauer Names Bob Giannino Senior Vice President and Co-Lead of the Firm’s Advocacy Practice

Bob Giannino
With decades of experience in nonprofit leadership, Giannino has had a transformational impact in advancing opportunity, access, and equity. At Lindauer, he will provide strategic counsel to organizations engaged in addressing the world’s most urgent challenges.

As Lindauer expands its services and deepens its commitment to the nonprofit sector, the firm has named Bob Giannino Senior Vice President and Co-Lead of its Advocacy, Policy, and Social Enterprise Practice. Giannino will arrive in July 2024 from the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, where he has provided the leadership and strategic direction that drives the organization toward creating greater opportunity, access, and equity for all in Eastern Massachusetts.

Under Giannino’s leadership, the United Way of Massachusetts Bay launched a new impact strategy in an unprecedented effort to empower over 100 partner organizations to eradicate the root causes of poverty and economic injustice.

The ambitious multi-million-dollar grant initiative is an illustration of the big-picture thinking, strategic vision, and trust-building stakeholder engagement that has enabled Giannino to achieve long-lasting results throughout his career in nonprofit leadership and advocacy.

Prior to the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, Giannino was Chief Executive Officer of uAspire, a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring all young people have the resources to achieve their dreams in higher education. Giannino has also served on the boards of several organizations, including Root Cause,, and Basta.

“Bob has made a transformative difference at the highest levels of nonprofit leadership by identifying opportunities for impact, making bold plans, and bringing people together to find common cause for the common good,” said Lindauer CEO Deb Taft. “Through his visionary leadership of organizations and his indispensable engagement on boards, Bob ensures stakeholders are working in unison toward significant long-term goals. Drawing on this experience in his new role as a senior leader with Lindauer, Bob will reach across sectors and organizations to provide strategic counsel to clients engaged in addressing the most urgent challenges in the country and around the world.”

Founded in 1997, Lindauer has partnered with advocacy organizations of all sizes and maturities to recruit, engage, and develop leaders who propel their missions forward. In recent years, the firm has broadened its recruitment services and built a client roster encompassing a range of critical mission-driven work, from education and job training to social justice and climate change.

“For more than 25 years, Lindauer has shaped generations of leaders and left an indelible imprint on the nonprofit world,” said Bob Giannino. “In that time, I have watched Lindauer grow, expand, and evolve to meet the needs of organizations in a variety of sectors, while remaining steadfast in its commitment to advancing equity and inclusion in the industry. I am honored to join the Lindauer team and contribute to making an impact across the nonprofit world.”

Executive Vice President and Managing Director Libby Roberts noted the relevance of the skill set and perspective Giannino brings to Lindauer.

“As a nonprofit leader, Bob has not only catalyzed forward momentum for critically important causes—he’s also connected the dots between people, ideas, and opportunities to bring about significant improvements for the communities he has served,” said Roberts. “He will provide strategic and actionable guidance for our clients, translating their goals into talent solutions that elevate missions and ensure success.”

About Lindauer

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