Scam Alert: Fake Job Offers on WhatsApp

We have received reports that scammers purporting to be Lindauer consultants are messaging job candidates on WhatsApp. If someone claiming to be a Lindauer recruiter contacts you on WhatsApp with a job offer, it is a scam. Please block the number and report it to WhatsApp and/or the FTC.

If you are unsure whether a message is legitimate, please contact us at

Lindauer consultants conduct outreach primarily via email, phone calls, and LinkedIn, and never through WhatsApp. When we contact candidates about an open search, we always provide information that can be verified on our website and communicate next steps that reflect our thorough process. We do not make suspicious requests or pressure candidates to take urgent, immediate action.

Below are the most common hallmarks of this WhatsApp scam. Whether you are contacted by someone identifying themselves as a consultant from Lindauer or another search firm, please watch for these warning signs:

  • A vague or ambiguous description of the position
  • Pressure to respond quickly
  • Requests for personal data or documents
  • Grammatical errors and typos
  • The absence of a formal interview process
  • Demands for upfront fees

More information about the scam, what to look out for, and what to do if you provided scammers with any personal information can be found here.

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