Raising More with Artificial Intelligence

Nonprofit fundraising is starting to reap the benefits of the amazing efficiency improvements that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling.  AI will not replace fundraisers, but rather make them more successful.

Nonprofit organizations have spent years accumulating a wealth of data. By leveraging AI, nonprofits can now gain a greater understanding of the vast amounts of data they collect and act on the insights that the data is communicating. By examining and evaluating giving histories, for example, AI can recommend optimal ways to follow up with each specific donor and the order in which to follow up with them. AI services can also create personalized messages and offer predictions regarding additional gifts and subsequent steps in the moves management process.

Additionally, AI can assist with career pathing within a nonprofit. By empowering new fundraisers to learn the craft more quickly and enabling more tenured fundraisers to work more effectively, quickly and accurately, AI can provide skill acquisition and management ascension that was previously more difficult to achieve — if at all.

Gravyty, a Boston-based artificial intelligence company, is leading the way in applying AI in fundraising. “Nonprofit organizations are in a unique position to leverage the power of artificial intelligence since they have so much deep, structured and wonderful data,” says Adam Martel, CEO at Gravyty and former Major Gifts Officer at Babson College. “Fundraising is a people-business and we believe that artificial intelligence will redefine the way organizations raise money by enabling our best fundraisers to build relationships with more of their top donors.” 

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