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What Millennials Want

Millennials (generally described as individuals born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s) are becoming a larger percentage of the workforce and their distinct needs and preferences are important for employers to consider. 

According to “How
to Accommodate Millennials as Workplace Demographics Shift” by Scott Scanlon,
by 2020, 40% of the overall workforce will be Millennials. They are a
generation that does not hesitate to switch jobs, prioritizes job situation over
money and strives for “work-life integration” even more than work-life balance.

The most
important perk to Millennials is flexibility. This includes flexibility in
where they work, how they work and when they work. They are used to technology
and feel strongly that working remotely is efficient and should be utilized
more often.

equality of responsibilities at home also affects workplace preferences.
Workers of this generation expect robust paternity leave programs as well as
maternity leave. As they become parents they also seek opportunities to reduce
travel. Adequate Paid Time Off that doesn’t take years to earn is also of

Millennials are committed to the idea of “work-life integration.” They want the
values, interests and priorities of their personal life to overlap with the
values and interests of the work they do.

Read more at Hunt ScanlonMedia.

The Deloitte
Millennial Survey 2017 is available online here.

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