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​Trends That Will Stay in 2017

While change is inevitable, here’s what you can still count on in the new year.

Dr. Pamela Barden, an international nonprofit consultant, wrote some guidance for that could help you reevaluate how you target and communicate with your donors. “These aren’t going to go away no matter what happens in Washington, D.C., so I challenge you to think about them as you plan how you will make 2017 your best fundraising year possible,” she writes.

1. Differentiate your organization. With the ever-increasing number of nonprofits, many may be in the same space as yours. Are you thinking about what your organization does that sets it apart? That’s the message you need to broadcast.

2. Be nimble. Whether with fundraising events or methods of communication, look to your audience and determine what their preferences are.

3. Build donor trust. Barden says the majority of donors don’t believe that nonprofits are capable of “fixing” things. To address that, consider asking others to endorse you and ensure that your organization is delivering on its promise. Is there something you could do differently in 2017 to help improve donor and prospect faith?

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