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The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same – Interviewing Part 2 of 3

Here are some simple things to remember before, during, and after your next interview. Some may seem like common sense, but they bear repeating. Others are reflective of a new day and age.


Follow the dress code of the organization/institution where you are interviewing. If dressing tends to be on the informal business casual side, don’t appear in your Sunday best. Conversely, don’t take Friday casual to an institution of higher education or a formal hospital interview.

Even in this day and age, a cover letter is essential, to directly correlate your skills to the position and to highlight your accomplishments.

Punctuality is key. Arriving a little early, even better. Getting there too early – disruptive.

In addition to sending your resume digitally, take hard copies with you as well (one for each person you’re meeting with, plus extras in case you see more than those scheduled).


  • Give concise, thoughtful answers to the questions posed.
  • Talk about what you’ve done well and why it succeeded.
  • Be yourself. This may sound trite, but pretending to be someone you’re not will only be revealed in time.
  • Act like you own the job, and you will.


Immediately write a thank you to each person who interviewed you. Email is fine and is expected in 2017. Each thank you should be different, but all should reflect your interest in the next step.

Reflect on your experience. Ask yourself: is this is a place where you want to work? Did the staff seem challenged and happy? Are the goals achievable? Was the atmosphere a good culture fit?

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