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The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Interviewing Part 1 of 3

The Changes

Preparing for a successful job interview in 2017 requires much research. For example, a hiring manager will likely want to know how much you understand about the organization’s or institution’s mission along with your ideas for achieving its goals.

You can expect to be asked hard questions, including how your previous experience relates to the job at hand, what your previous manager asked you to improve, of what accomplishment you are most proud, and how you made it happen.

To make a great impression, you must be super-prepared to ask about the organization’s structure, the vision of the CEO, and the reporting relationships. You also want to know who your peers are, what meetings you will attend, and what a typical day would look like.

More for you to query: what the expectations are for your performance after three months and on what will you be evaluated after a year.

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