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Strategies to Boost #GivingTuesday

Fundraising benefits from great marketing. Here are some solid strategies to keep your organization top of mind with current and potential donors during #GivingTuesday.

In “7-Day Marketing Plan for Your Giving Tuesday Campaign,” Allison Gauss outlines a seven-day plan designed to remind donors about your cause with well-timed emails, website promotion, and great social media content.


Topic: Heads up — we are participating in #GivingTuesday.

Strategy: Email requesting support for particular goals; give your website a call to action; and change your profile and/or header images to promote #GivingTuesday.


Topic: Get involved. #GivingTuesday is coming.

Strategy: Post fresh, eye-catching content to your website and social media platforms.

Thursday (Thanksgiving)

Topic: Happy Thanksgiving! Please donate on Tuesday.

Strategy: Post a holiday greeting and relate it to #GivingTuesday.


Topic: Capitalize on Black Friday savings to help our cause.

Strategy: Email reminder and tap into social media with hash tags related to Black Friday to reach more potential donors.


Topic: Countdown to #GivingTuesday!

Strategy: Post new heartwarming images or content on website and social media.


Topic: Make a difference on #GivingTuesday; please help us reach our goal.

Strategy: Post new #GivingTuesday content and consider showcasing a particular program positively impacted by donations.


Topic: Remember, #GivingTuesday is tomorrow!

Strategy: Email a reminder and request donors share it; Gauss also suggests posting a graphic illustrating the impact donations will make.


Topic: It’s #GivingTuesday! Please donate today.

Strategy: Consider sending a short series of emails throughout the day today. You may also wish to read, “How and Why Email Appeals Aren’t Like Fundraising Letters.” Also, share special appeals on social media and your website. And follow up with thank you messages and updates.

“The week leading up to the giving day is the most important time for getting the word out,” Gauss writes in The Chronicle of Philanthropy. “In those final seven days, it’s your job to keep your campaign top of mind and move supporters to get involved. Although marketing efforts should start as early as the beginning of November, there’s a lot you can do in the week before #GivingTuesday to get people’s attention and mobilize your donors.”

For more details, read “7-Day Marketing Plan for Your Giving Tuesday Campaign” at The Chronicle of Philanthropy. For help targeting your millennial audience, you may wish to read, “Tips to Target Millennials.”

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