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Rethinking Social Media Strategies

It is no secret to nonprofits that social media can reach donors in big ways. But it can be hard for any nonprofit to make sure it is getting the maximum return on its investment.

A presentation by Ashley Reed and Madeline Ruffin-Thomas of BKV and Robert Field of March of Dimes at the 2017 Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference provided nonprofits some strategies for getting better bang for the buck.

Among the key points were:

  • Establish goals. Is the nonprofit looking to acquire new donors, engage existing donors or secure immediate revenue?
  • Use “social listening.” Be aware of trending topics and donor attitudes.
  • Coordinate Facebook with Instagram: These can both be managed within Facebook which helps provide better tracking and demographic information.
  • Think about where to place the ad and if it should include a single image, a slideshow or a video.
  • Learn the power of Facebook Insights and Audience Insights to guide posting.

Why should nonprofits use paid options within Facebook instead of the free opportunities? Research shows 52% of time that people spend on social media is on Facebook and “organic” reach can be as low as 2%. Paid placements reach far more potential donors. Organic, unpaid efforts can still be used to refine strategies and messages.

To read more about Reed, Ruffin-Thomas and Field’s recommendations, view their 2017 Bridge presentation.

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