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Pioneering Philanthropist Offers Nonprofits Guidance

Many nonprofits fall short of accomplishing all they can because they don’t manage to outcomes.

“There are too many nonprofits that are just not doing enough to ensure they’re making a positive difference,” Mario Morino said in an interview with The Chronicle of Philanthropy. And he should know what philanthropists want. According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Morino himself has donated an estimated $40 million to various charitable causes throughout the years and helped develop venture philanthropy, an approach to charitable giving modeled on venture capital.

The “Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community” was created to build, evaluate and sustain high-performance organizations.  Its overarching goal: “to help nonprofits and their funders drive organizational performance improvement –  so you can deliver meaningful, measurable and financially sustainable results for the people or causes you serve.”

The group is providing guidance and best practices through videos and literature, as well as a set of tools called the Performance Imperative Organizational Self-Assessment, which helps charities measure their progress.

For more information, please read “A Venture-Philanthropy Pioneer Crusades for Better Charity Performance” in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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