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Maximizing Year-End Giving

December is one of the most important months for nonprofits. It’s also a time when the pace quickens and the workload is sometimes overwhelming. In “5 Things Smart Fundraisers Do in December,” Gail Perry gives some tips on how to manage the month effectively.

Perry, MBA, CFRE, is an internationally known fundraising consultant and speaker. Philanthropy Media recently named Perry #10 of America’s Top Fundraising Experts.

Among her most important tips:

  • Focus on the major donors. This is a great time to make that little extra effort to reach out and help donors feel valued and special.
  • Strategize specifically for renewals. These are people who already like and support the organization. Don’t let them slip away.
  • Recommend stock donations. Donating stock can have big tax advantages to donors. Remind people of this and encourage them to consider this different type of year-end gift. (And certainly, it’s a great time to make sure donors are thinking about those 2017 charitable gift contribution deductions.)

To read more of Perry’s tips, visit her website, Fired Up Fundraising.

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