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​Keeping It Real

One of the most important parts of maintaining an engaged, enthusiastic donor base is clearly communicating the organization’s vision and strategy. But what happens when a donor walks away from these conversations with unrealistic or unclear expectations?

Too often this expectation mismatch can lead to donors feeling that organizations are not successfully implementing the vision. It does not take long before this disappointment leads to a lack of support.

How can nonprofits help to keep everyone on the same page? Forbes Nonprofit Council offered a few tips in their recent article, “What you need to know to manage donor expectations.”

Some of the top tips in the story included:

  • Using quantifiable results to maintain interest and enthusiasm;
  • Providing regular, personal updates through talks and seminars;
  • Providing opportunities for donors to get to know the organization’s executives; and
  • Building a true sense of community and connection.
  • To read all of the advice offered for managing expectations, the article is available at Forbes.

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