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Keep Your Competitors Close

Each nonprofit seeks to carve out its own area, to ensure sustainability and survival. But what if competitors could assist in your success? 

As the number of nonprofits increase, cross-section collaboration becomes even more critical, writes Kevin Xu (CEO, MENO International) in Forbes. He believes that by reaching out to other nonprofits, a diverse group of leaders can be brought together with an eye towards a common goal and shared resources.

One of the advantages to collaboration is capitalizing on a common audience. Finding individuals with overlapping interests allows a nonprofit to reach a new group of potential supporters, while also gaining understanding of the style of communication that has successfully reached them in the past. These collaborations create many new networking opportunities.

According to Xu, among the most important factors to keep in mind:

  • Open communication is critical for success;
  • Look for ways each organization’s strengths can supplement the other’s weaknesses; and
  • Keep to a narrow focus with specific goals.

To read more about “How Nonprofits Can Work with Competitors for Better Results,” visit Forbes.

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