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Global Giving Trends

NonProfit Tech for Good recently released its inaugural “Global Trends Giving Report,” the results of a survey of 4,541 individuals across 6 continents, 94 countries.

The survey was offered in English, Spanish and French. The majority of the respondents were from the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Of those surveyed, 91% had donated in the past year.

Among the key findings:

  • Demographics: 73% of survey respondents were women and 61% identified as liberal. 73% were age 37 or older.
  • How they give: 61% of the individuals prefer to give online. 14% use direct mail. 14% give through events.
  • How often they give: 54% of the donors give regularly. (For 82% of those, “regularly” means monthly.)
  • Men were more likely to give through events and email than social media.
  • Women prioritized organizations benefitting children and youth, animals and religion/faith. Men prioritized children and youth, then religion, then health and safety.
  • Women were more likely to attend events and volunteer.
  • Men preferred to participate in giving programs.
  • Millennials sent their money to organizations serving children and youth, human and civil rights and women and girls.
  • Generation X donors gave to children, animals and human services.
  • Baby Boomers prioritized religious groups and human services ahead of children.

The survey confirms that social media offers tremendous opportunity for nonprofits. Respondents reported that social media was the most effective way for them to keep up with news from charities. Social media also prompted them to give more, particularly Facebook, followed by Twitter and Instagram. It was interesting to note that social media influenced women more than men.

Social media wasn’t the only area where men and women diverge. Priorities diverged by age group as well.

To read more about the survey and to download a full copy, visit the Giving Report website.

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