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​Finding a Way Back from Burnout

It is a problem experienced at organizations in all sectors. Staff members that were once top-performing, hardworking, and dedicated, suddenly seem to have lost interest in their jobs. They have become irritable with their teams, less productive, and do not seem as invested in the work. What changed? In some cases, it is simply a case of burnout.

Why do workers become burnt out in a job they once had passion for? Many times it is because the intensity was too much for too long. It just wasn’t sustainable. There were not healthy ways to deal with stress in the job. Often, these workers just need the chance to recharge and recover. suggested strategies for helping these team members regain their footing in “14 Simple Habits of People Who Never Burn Out.” These simple tips can help staff rediscover their passion for the job and maintain it.

Tips for staff included:

  • Finding times for silence and to be completely unscheduled;
  • Expanding circles by socializing more and/or discovering new hobbies or volunteer activities;
  • Taking breaks from technology;
  • Making good choices in terms of food, exercise, and sleep; and
  • Engaging in creative pursuits like drawing, painting, or writing.

For a full list of the 14 strategies, visit

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