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​Celebrating National Philanthropy Day

“Think of giving not only as a duty but as a privilege.” — John D. Rockefeller

Giving, volunteering and supporting the work of charity is the spirit of philanthropy and it is this spirit that is honored each year on November 15.

Since 1986, November 15 has been recognized in the United States as National Philanthropy Day® (NPD); Canada added permanent recognition in 2012. It is a day to commemorate the idea of giving and service through opportunities for communities and people to witness the power of philanthropy firsthand.

The real work of National Philanthropy Day happens at the grassroots level. Events are held all over the world to encourage involvement in good works, giving people concrete ways to get involved and make effective change.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals also uses NPD to honor individuals who have made a sizable impact. Named as “Outstanding Philanthropists for 2016” were directors and officers of The Thompson Family Foundation which has been dedicated to improving the lives of those in New York through contributions to architectural preservation, conservation, education and healthcare causes. Meanwhile, the “Youth Philanthropy Award” was given to a 19-year-old from Austin, Texas named Archer Hadley. Hadley has cerebral policy and has dedicated himself to raising $100,000 for disability access and awareness.

Nonprofit organizations have many options for celebrating this day. Consider sponsoring a day of service, a special outreach day or an event honoring your contributors and supporters.

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