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Survey Questions to Ask Donors

Surveying your donors has many benefits. Not only does it show your donors you care about them and their opinions, it also helps to provide vital information that will assist in revamping or adjusting your fundraising strategies.

In Why Not Just Ask Your Donors for Feedback? on the Fundraising Success website, the process is simplified to these questions:

  1. How are we doing?
  2. What can we do better?

Tailoring the survey to provide answers that will assist in advancing your own mission is useful as well. Kivi Leroux Miller, president of Nonprofit Marketing Guide, also touches upon this topic in What Questions Do You Include in Donor Surveys? A few takeaways from this guide include questions like:

  1. Is there anything that we have not discussed that would increase your level of satisfaction as a donor to our organization?
  2. What do you expect from the charitable organizations you are involved with?
  3. Of the programs and services your gifts help support, what are the most important to you? Which are expressed in the most compelling way?

In another relevant post, Ask the Donor—Where Do Donor Surveys Fit in Your Work? survey questions to ask donors include:

  1. What is your fundraising motivation?
  2. What other organizations do you donate to?
  3. Where do you volunteer?
  4. How do you rate our email communications?
  5. Do you know exactly how your donations to our organization are used?
  6. How satisfied are you with your relationship with our organization?
  7. How could we enhance our efforts?

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