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Giving USA 2015 – The Good News

The Giving USA 2015 report is out and it is apparent that things are looking up.

Giving USA: “The Annual Report on Philanthropy” is the seminal publication reporting on the sources and uses of charitable giving in the United States.”

A few highlights:

  • 2014 was the best year on record with 358.38 billion dollars given to philanthropic causes.
  • Religious organizations benefited the most from these donations.
  • Individual donors made up 80% of donations given.
  • Of the individual donations – household giving averages reached over $2,000.
  • Mega gifts are on the rise with an increase of 14.6%; the wealthy are giving one million dollars and more to charity.
  • There was an increase in U.S. charitable giving overall of 7.1% from 2013.

You can order the full report or see a peek of the highlights here:

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