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Does Your Organization Pass the “Equality” Test?

In the April 22, 2015 issue of Nonprofit Quarterly(NPQ), authors Jon Pratt and Ruth McCambridge publish practices a nonprofit can adopt to foster income equality. The article, entitled “Not Adding to the Problem: Seven Ways Your Nonprofit Can Avoid Mirroring Practices That Perpetuate Inequality,” from NPR’s new, spring 2015 edition, “Inequality’s Tipping Point and the Pivotal Role of Nonprofits,” notes the importance of the nonprofit sector standing for “equality as a core principle.”

The seven topics addressed:

  • Livable wages for all employees
  • Proportionate executive compensation
  • Pay ratio transparency
  • Relation of the nonprofit’s “civic voice” to its mission
  • Appropriate governance responsibilities
  • Ethnic and racial diversity in leadership and throughout the organization
  • Organization’s impact on community: are its resources “accessible and effectively applied?”

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