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Are Development Strategies the Same Across Sectors?

We recently interviewed Brian Kish, who LLLS placed as the new President of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation . The former University of Arizona Foundation Senior Vice President switched sectors and we wondered how he thought an organization like Emeril’s would be different from working in Higher Ed.

“In Higher Education, we have long-established systems and processes. Things that we do a certain way. Systematically, it is very similar from institution to institution,” he said.

“Prior to working at University of Arizona I was at Salve Regina University in Rhode Island. We raised seven million dollars a year there the same way we raised 150 million a year at Arizona. At the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, I’ll look at taking some of the well-established processes and procedures traditionally used in Higher Ed and make them fit in this world, with the entrepreneurial freedom to build on them,” he further concluded.

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