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5 Fundraising Predictions for 2015

In 5 Fundraising Predictions for 2015 by The NonProfit Times, a few predictions for development are shared by senior product manager for digital fundraising Rich Dietz, from Abila Software in Austin, Texas.

The article posted his top fundraising trends for 2015 as:

  • Conversion Optimization: This involves communicating and marketing towards existing website visitors and web page traffic rather then seeking to bring in new visitors. The article states that “Conversion optimization revolves around measuring, testing and optimizing the donation flow to raise more money.”
  • Millennial Engagement: Organizations need to stay on top of trends and be sure to find the best ways to reach these newcomers to the job market.
  • Donor Loyalty and Lifetime Value: “By tracking donor engagement, organizations will be able to further segment their appeals, personalize their outreach to donors, significantly increase donor loyalty, improve lifetime value, and treat all donors like major donors,” the article states.
  • Online and Mobile: With the majority of donors having cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices, it is imperative to provide easy to read communications and to allow for donations to come in with the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger, in seconds.
  • Storytelling Becomes Visual: At a time when Pinterest is part of people’s daily routines and commercials fill our TV’s with touching stories to pull at our heart strings, there has never been a better time to use real life stories, photos, videos, and other visual elements to drive home the purpose of the campaign and to really let donors know where their money is going and how their donations will be directly used.

“The nonprofit sector must continue to evolve and keep pace with behavioral changes we see in society,” said Dietz. “Organizations that embrace new ways of thinking, streamline their databases, create visual stories, and adjust their engagement approaches will be successful,” he concluded in the article.

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