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3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Staff

A recent newsletter from Sage Advancement Group, a nonprofit consulting firm focused on advancing organizations, encourages leaders to consider these three questions, or checkpoints, when thinking about their staff now that the new year is in full swing:

Do I have enough staff to meet our goals?

While adding more staff to your team to meet your goals and achieve your mission will add to your overhead expenses, it may also be just what you need to exceed last year’s donations.

Do I have the right people on the team to successfully meet our goals?

Take a step back and make sure that the people on your team are excelling in their roles and able to complete all of their responsibilities in a timely manner. Make sure you know what each team member is best at and what might need improvement to meet 2015 goals. Consider if reorganizing tasks or teams would be more effective and efficient.

What kind of professional development is necessary to make sure the team can be successful?

Whether it’s a speaker each quarter, attending conferences, one-on-one trainings with yourself or other senior level advancement staff, a newsletter or recommended books list – reviewing what you are doing to help staff succeed is important to do on an ongoing basis.

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