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5 Keys to Unlock a Positive Onboarding Experience

Employee with Positive Onboarding Experience

When we think of onboarding, we often think only of the impact it has on a new hire’s first weeks and months on the job, but good onboarding goes far beyond this.

Thoughtful and strategic onboarding positively impacts productivity, employee engagement, long-term retention, role clarity, organizational perception, and more. 

Most managers would agree that onboarding is an important step in an employee’s journey with the company and an effective onboarding experience will solidify their commitment to the company. However, Gallup found that only 12% of employees believe their organization onboards new hires effectively.

Five ways to improve your onboarding process:

  1. Master the logistics.
  2. Explain the business.
  3. Clarify the role.
  4. Lay the foundation for a personal network.
  5. Understand self with respect to team culture.

How does the new hire play in their own successful launch into the culture?

  1. How open is the organization to change? Listen, ask questions, play back what you heard, and then test ideas. 
  2. Be prepared for constructive feedback and invite an opportunity to review your performance.
  3. Be ready to join the social scene and bond with your new colleagues.

Bringing new employees on board might be a bit challenging. However, building an efficient onboarding process will make your employee feel valued – on both a personal and professional level.

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