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2022 Hunt Scanlon Top 50 Healthcare & Life Sciences Search Firms

Lindauer is honored to be included on the 2022 Hunt Scanlon Top 50 Healthcare & Life Sciences Search Firms list.

Hunt Scanlon Media has been informing the senior talent management sector for over 30 years and their annual ranking list recognizes search firms serving healthcare and life sciences organizations that seek innovative leaders. Along with being recognized on the Nonprofit Recruiting Top 60 list, in recent years, Lindauer has regularly been placed on Hunt Scanlon’s Top 50 Executive Search Firms, HR/Recruiting Diversity Power 65, and Top 40 Higher Education Firms lists.

Leaders of Search in the Health-Related Field

Lindauer team members have been leaders in nonprofits and in healthcare. They’ve “sat in the seat” and understand not just functional responsibilities but also how those functions – and team members – intersect, as well as the significant differences in contexts and cultures. Lindauer Consultants know what it entails for a leader to move from an academic research or teaching medical center to a major metro, frontline hospital setting, or from a leading healthcare charity to academic medicine.

“We truly understand the unprecedented pressures on medical centers today given our range of regions, communities, and organizations served. That includes ground-breaking research, clinical specialties, grateful patients, and community engagement and impact. Our consulting team has seen so many scenarios and contexts, in some form, and brings that expertise to the table,” says Lindauer CEO Deb Taft.

Recently, Lindauer partnered with Fenway Health in filling multiple leadership roles including Chief People Officer; Executive Vice President, Racial Equity and Social Justice; Vice President, Resource Development and Donor Engagement; Vice President, Communications; Executive Director for Nursing; and Nurse Manager.

“We interviewed five firms and Lindauer’s presentation impressed us. The team they assembled was a strong mix of individuals; a lot of time and thought went into it and that stood out to us. We also looked at Lindauer’s DEI experience and when we asked about their approach, we got answers that were honest and authentic, demonstrating a genuine commitment to their own work as a firm,” said Carl Sciortino, Executive Vice President of External Relations at Fenway Health. “The search process was clear, and we felt they truly understood our needs, delivering incredible candidate pools that ultimately resulted in outstanding hires.”

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