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Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships

Jeremiah Program National

Jeremiah Program (JP) offers one of the nation’s most successful strategies for disrupting the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children, two generations at a time. Two-generation — or 2Gen — programs uniquely focus on the whole family and achieve long-term, sustainable results. The approach has been proven to achieve significant educational, health, and economic benefits for parents, children, and communities.

Beginning with empowerment training, moms start to unravel the damaging narratives placed on low-income women, especially women of color and single moms, and reassert their role as experts in their own lives. After completing empowerment, JP’s ongoing programming ensures that families have access to the resources every family needs to thrive: stable housing in JP’s affordable housing units or through community housing partners, career-track education at a local post-secondary institution, high-quality early childhood education at JP’s Child Development Centers or local partner schools, and a supportive community of peers and caring staff.

The Opportunity

Over the past year, JP has undergone an organizational redesign to set a strong foundation for future growth and expansion. Out of this process came the development of a national Campus Support Team to provide leadership and support to JP’s six different campuses and a new national development team. The incoming, inaugural Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships will be charged with developing and executing the national strategy for JP to deepen their relationships with existing funders and identify and establish relationships with new institutional funding partners.

The SDIP will serve as the primary relationship strategist for all national institutional funders, collaborating and leveraging the CEO, Board Chair(s), Executive Directors, and other key development leadership to manage the stewardship of institutional funders. The SDIP is responsible for ensuring the highest levels of quality for key outcomes: writing and editing letters of intent, crafting grant applications and proposals, and preparing timely reports to funding sources on grants received.

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