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Executive Director

Vermont Institute of Natural Science
Quechee, Vermont

Since 1972, the Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) has been a leader in environmental education and wildlife conservation and care. The Institute is a natural wonderland, situated on 47 acres of forest, meadow, and rolling hills that feature nature trails, state-of-the-art raptor enclosures, songbird aviaries, classrooms, and research facilities. It is also nationally renowned for its innovative natural science curricula and relevant education programs for learners of all ages.

VINS’ mission is to motivate individuals and communities to care for the environment, instilling in them a desire to respect the wildlife and the diverse natural habitats they encounter in their daily lives. To nurture our collective appreciation for nature and raise awareness of the urgent need to protect it, VINS partners with leading conservation organizations to promote environmental science field research and operates New England’s premier avian wildlife rehabilitation clinic.

The Opportunity

VINS seeks an Executive Director (ED) whose strong leadership skills and intrinsic interest in the natural world will propel the Institute into the next chapter of its success. Harnessing the growth and momentum VINS has created in recent years, the ED will explore new ways to increase the Institute’s programs and services while embodying the foundational principles that have defined it for more than 50 years: a commitment to environmental education, conservation, and preservation.

This position requires fundraising expertise as well as a holistic approach to leadership. Natural ecosystems rely on a delicate balance of interconnected parts; organizations are no different.

Ideal candidates for the VINS Executive Director role will have a keen understanding of the many variables that contribute to the success of nonprofit organizations, including financial and operational needs, strategic partnerships, Board relations, and the management of a team of professionals with a range of skills and competencies. Equally important is the ability to create a bold vision for the future and meaningfully engage others in bringing that vision to fruition.

Still Looking

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