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Executive Director

Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education
Portland, Oregon

The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education (OJMCHE) celebrates and studies, in the broadest terms, Jewish contributions to world culture and ideas. Through a Jewish lens, OJMCHE also explores issues of identity and while shedding light on human rights, social justice, prejudice, discrimination, and resistance.

Its unique approach combines historical and contemporary art to examine the Jewish experience in Oregon, emphasize the ongoing significance of the Holocaust, and foster intercultural dialogues. The museum’s permanent core exhibitions offer candid and thought-provoking perspectives on Oregon’s history, addressing issues of social justice and discrimination.

The Opportunity

 The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education seeks an Executive Director (ED) who will continue representing the Jewish community cross-culturally and connecting with diverse audiences. The ED will provide internal and external leadership and be a skilled and attentive communicator, serving as the museum’s spokesperson. They will spearhead the creation of unique exhibitions, oversee collections management and educational activities, and coordinate community outreach. This role requires a strategic and dynamic leader who will raise awareness of the museum’s vision and mission on local, state, national, and international levels. The ED will collaborate closely with the dedicated staff and Board of Directors, playing a pivotal role in fundraising efforts.

The ideal candidate possesses a strong track record of cultivating high-capacity donors and institutional partnerships, along with business and scholarly expertise. Joining this esteemed institution presents an exceptional opportunity to contribute to a world that upholds truth, history, and justice. This pivotal moment calls for an inspirational leader to elevate the museum’s prominence, impact, and transformative power.

Still Looking

Be considered for future opportunities.

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