Bill Prinzivalli, MS, MBA

Senior Advisor

Bill Prinzivalli, MS, MBA

Bill Prinzivalli is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and CEO of Prinzivalli Consulting. His extensive experience in business spans over 40 years working in various capacities in both large and small organizations and, as an entrepreneur, he has created four startup companies of his own.

His business consulting specializes in corporate and business strategies, executive coaching, sales and marketing consulting, and business partnerships. Bill uses a comprehensive approach to solving business problems. He assesses the situation by using his business expertise with a variety of modalities including organizational dynamics, consciousness training, team building, and interpersonal dynamics to create a custom plan for your team.

Bill is also passionate about integrating consciousness into organizations to better serve corporate stakeholders as well as shareholders. One of the unique, optional tools in this endeavor is the use of improvisational training (for principles and exercises, see his upcoming book entitled, “Improv to Improve Business Leadership”).

Bill believes this customized, integrative approach provides longer-term and more substantive results as organizations improve their operations, communications, and performance to ultimately realize their stated missions.

His academic studies include a BS in Mathematics, an MS in Operations Research, and an MBA.