​How New Is “New” Philanthropy?

There have been many articles about the “new” face of philanthropy. So what does it really look like?

If anything is clear about the new philanthropists it is that there is no single profile. They are of all ages and in industries from tech to retail to finance to real estate.

There is evidence of a shift from legacy foundations to living donors as a major source of giving.

Those in the new philanthropy may also be willing to take more risk and to respond with greater urgency.

Many of these donors are giving to very traditional recipients like universities, cultural institutions, and hospitals. And, as with previous generations, much of the giving is waiting until the donor is older. As David Callahan said in Inside Philanthropy, they “turn from making futures to depositing them.”

Some big gifts have made waves, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s donations to support the unexpected goal of “curing all diseases.” But there have always been gifts focused on fresh causes. It isn’t clear that this generation is fundamentally different.

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