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​Why Facebook Matters

Love it or hate it, Facebook is not something that can be ignored by those looking to get their messages out.

With an average of 1.23 billion daily active users on Facebook as of December 2016, it’s no wonder many nonprofit fundraisers are finding that Facebook is valuable for reaching audiences and improving donor potential. Here are just a few things to consider for your nonprofit’s Facebook page:

  • Create a Call to Action: If you haven’t already, add a “Donate” button on your Facebook page to give visitors a quick and easy way to make contributions. This button can link to a nonprofit’s own donation page or the gift can be made directly through Facebook.
  • Post Video Messages: Videos can improve the sense of connection between your nonprofit and its donors. They can help followers get a better sense of the people behind the work and can highlight the most interesting aspects of the organization’s efforts. Video messages can also be used to say thank you to donors.
  • Embrace Facebook Live: Using Facebook Live during events increases the sense of engagement and can make the Facebook page feel fresher and more active. It is also a great tool to give “tours” or to host a question-and-answer session.
  • Keep Content Fresh: Post regularly so visitors keep returning to your page. Tag donors in comments to engage them directly and to ensure that your organization’s posts show up in their feeds.

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