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​When Your Body Talks, Listen

Many people can quickly express the ways their body might react to stress. They might be aware of back pain or sore muscles when there is anxiety. But some body reactions could be saying something more dramatic.

In a recent article in Forbes“‘Own Your Space’: Four Tips for Avoiding Burnout” — bodywork specialist Sukie Baxter raised some specific physical reactions to stress that may be indicators of impending burnout.

The way you carry your body can reveal a great deal about current circumstances. The body may be held tense in times of stress, or may move more quickly in these moments. In contrast, a relaxed person may move with more fluidity and at a slower pace.

Breathing is another clear indicator of anxiety and unrest. When a person is feeling overwhelmed or nervous, she might hold her breath or resort to more shallow breathing.

Baxter has observed that women in particular are often hesitant to “hold their space.” They are more likely to physically remove themselves from a space, to step aside for others. She suggests that women practice standing their ground and observing the impact it has on their emotions.

For more information on how to listen to your body better, read Baxter’s piece in Forbes.

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