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​Tips to Target Millennials

Millennials now number more than 80 million and are poised to replace Baby Boomers as most-desired donors. But how best to reach this new generation of prospects?

In seeking answers, Achieve, an Indianapolis-based research and creative agency, examined the #GivingTuesday practices of nine diverse organizations. The study shows that when organizations target Millennials in advance with both online and offline messaging that educates them about the cause, following up with solicitations for #GivingTuesday has been highly successful.

The Study Revealed These Three Key Takeaways:

A head start helps.

“The earlier your organization can determine your strategy, timeline, tactics, and mediums, the more time you’ll have to engage your audience in your cause – with the ultimate goal of turning interested constituents into active and involved donors,” the report states.

Engagement is key.

“To truly involve this generation, it is vital that organizations engage with their Millennial audience members other than just asking for donations,” according to the report. “Establish online Millennial advocates or ambassadors prior to #GivingTuesday so these ambassadors can reach their Millennial – and non-Millennial – networks and more people can become involved in your organization’s cause, increasing its reach and fundraising potential.”

Digital outreach is only the beginning.

Millennials want to be involved beyond the online world. “While social media, email, e-newsletters, and other digital channels played a major part in all nine organizations’ #Giving Tuesday efforts, the nonprofits that had the most success supplemented their online strategies with more ‘in-person’ means,” according to the report. It recommends getting creative with events, incentives, peer-to-peer challenges, and networking prior to #GivingTuesday.

For additional information, research methodologies and more, see “Millennials and Giving Tuesday: 3 Big Findings” on

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