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​The CEO-CDO Partnership

Open communication. Mutual respect. Compatible visions. These are the hallmarks of the most successful partnerships. These are therefore critical goals for those looking to create a mutually advantageous CEO-CDO relationship.

One of the more challenging parts for some in the role of Chief Development Officer can be a lack of confidence in the support of the leadership team. It is critical to remember that the leadership team, including the CEO, can have similar feelings. They want to be provided with the tools and opportunities that make effective and efficient use of their time while they tackle their long lists of responsibilities. How does an organization help everyone see eye-to-eye and reach the fullest success?

For both the CDO and CEO, the number one priority is to support the mission and vision of their nonprofit organization. The professionals in both of these positions want to see the core goals being achieved, and without question, fundraising success plays a key role.

Most CDOs are ready to lead, coach and take action. In many cases, CEOs want to support development efforts, knowing that it is necessary to fulfill their corporate vision. Sometimes, that senior leadership needs help getting on the right path. This is where the CDO can use their expertise to help the CEO put their skills to best advantage.

A recent article in “NonProfit Pro” gives some valuable tips for how CDOs can best help their organizations and their leadership teams:

  • Set the goals and establish strategies for communication,
  • Regularly talk with leadership about the organization’s major donors and next steps, and
  • Coach CEOs on making the ask and effective development approaches.

Read more in “Why You Need to Lead your CEO” at NonProfit Pro.

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