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Tech Tips: New Apps That May Improve Your Life

These new apps increase efficiency and productivity, and one even creates a life where everything you do is quantified – a 21st century version of “journaling.”

Gero Time Management Companion by Ustwo

This app is designed for people who like to work in spurts but who may have trouble remembering to take breaks — or people who are easily distracted and need to be reminded to stay on task. The free iPhone and Apple Watch app is a stopwatch that alternates between sprints of work and periodic breaks. The time intervals are customizable. Or you can use the default settings with a series of four 25-minute countdowns, with five-minute breaks in between.


Most collaboration tools focus on document sharing, messaging or time management. Pingpad delivers a combination. The free app for iOS, Android and the Web allows users to create groups then share notes, projects and documents, as well as delegate tasks, among members.


This app for the iPhone ($4.59) seeks to create a personal information database by asking users to self-report on their own activities, habits and moods. Its creators believe that by measuring your life privately and intelligently, you can potentially gain incredible insights into the choices you’ve made, and the choices you have yet to make. It’s the perfect app for obsessive trackers, or for those simply hoping to learn a bit more about their daily routine.

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