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Refilling the Donor Pool

Fundraising professionals are quite familiar with the concept of donor attrition. It is always worthwhile to review strategies for replenishing the donor pool.

A recent article in NonProfit Pro suggests a range of options to find new potential donors.

* Explore networks: Encourage the Board of Directors to review all of their networks. Who do they work with? Volunteer/coach with? Attend religious services with?

* Tours: Create opportunities for Board members and current donors to “bring a friend” to tour the program and learn about the mission and work of the nonprofit first hand.

* Research: Explore the donor lists for similar organizations to find potential major donors and corporation and foundation giving programs that could be good matches.

* Stay connected: Always collect names and contacts at speaking engagements. Don’t miss an opportunity to stay in touch with these potential new donors. Reach out to new attendees of special events. Ask current donors for suggestions too.

For more information, read “10 Steps for Finding New Donors for your Nonprofit Organization” in NonProfit Pro.

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