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Mars vs. Venus Giving

While looking at giving within a certain community or age group yields interesting results, it is also important to consider gender differences in philanthropy. 

When Nonprofit
Tech for Good released “The 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report” it revealed some
clear differences in giving priorities. The first critical item to
note was that the survey found women were three times more likely to identify
as donors than men. The report writers noted that because women often manage
the money within homes and make donation decisions, they are more apt to engage
in the philanthropy community. The number of donors was not the only important
difference, however. Gender differences were identified in where they gave, how
they gave and what prompted the giving.


Both men and
women chose children and youth as their top giving priority. For men,
religion/faith causes took the second spot followed by health and safety. Among
women, religion/faith fell to third behind causes that supported animals.


Online giving was
the overwhelming choice for both men and women. Women gave through fundraising
events at a greater rate than men. Men were more likely to give in response to
direct mail.

the Donors

Social media is
the route to reach women: 27% reported that social media outreach initiated
their interest in giving. Ironically, while it wasn’t their preferred route of
giving and they attend at far lower numbers than women, men were most inspired
by fundraising events.

For more
information about the survey and these and other trends, visit the Giving Report’s website.

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