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​Grassroots Giving Gains Momentum

A promising new avenue for fundraising is on an upswing, appealing to individuals and groups who want to be more active in their donations.

A “giving circle” is a band of individual donors raising and granting money together that allows for a wide range of giving styles, philosophy, and values. They enable like-minded volunteers to pool their money, time, and expertise to support organizations and connect to charities and their communities. (Givelocity is an example of a more formal, organized group of giving circles; see similar posts here and here).

One of the benefits of giving circles is the emphasis on collaboration and a hands-on approach, allowing participants to decide what they want to support, and how best to do so. This new form of philanthropic engagement attracts donors from diverse income levels, professions, ethnicities and races, and both new and experienced givers. Such grassroots efforts provide opportunities for volunteers to set agendas, learn about issues, and develop new skills. For fundraising, they have proven effective; giving circles have raised millions of dollars in contributions.

For examples and more details on giving circles, see Could Giving Circles Rebuild Philanthropy from the Bottom Up?

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