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​Doing Digital Right

Most nonprofits recognize the value of the online opportunities offered by websites, email, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. But are they getting the most from these channels?

A NonProfitPRO article examined the “2016 Digital Outlook Report,” a collaborative effort from Care2, hjc, and Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network that surveyed nearly 400 organizations in North America to catalog current digital strategies and highlight successful tactics and areas of improvement.

“The nonprofit sector has a lot of work ahead to fully realize the potential of digital,” the NonProfitPRO article states. “But with the hard work comes a wealth of possibility. No matter where a nonprofit starts from, there are steps it can take to marshal its resources; develop a content strategy; and take advantage of the reach, visibility and opportunity at its fingertips.”

One way to do that is to devote resources to digital. The report revealed that just 40 percent of survey respondents had dedicated digital staff. “Forgoing digital-dedicated staff and expecting success is akin to dissolving your development department and expecting donations to increase,” says the author. “While every team member should be aware of and engaged with your digital tools and strategy, at least one person needs to make its implementation and success his or her priority.”

Great content, too, is key to success. With digital, relationships are built when there is personalized content packaged in easily digestible amounts, which today means more visual content: a video instead of an article, or a photo instead of a Facebook soliloquy. “Start by thinking about where your supporter comes from, then think about what kind of content would drive them to get more informed, engaged, and involved with your organization,” the article advises. “This can help you decide where to reach out to folks and what that content should look like.”

For more tips and in-depth information, please see, “Digital Outlook 2016: Trends and Best Practices in Nonprofit Online Strategy.”

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