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Creating a Boardroom with More Diversity

A recent study by the Alliance for Board Diversity brought some eye-opening statistics about board diversity in Fortune 500 companies.

Even with increasing
attention on the need to diversify, women and people of color still only make
up 30% of the directors on boards in these companies. There have been small
upticks in minority representation (12.8% in 2010 to 14.4% in 2016), but it is
important to think about how to maintain this forward movement as board
openings emerge.

should be thinking strategically about how to bring a wider range of ideas and
perspectives to the table. When the only place board members are drawn from is
the pool of top senior executives, the diversity of the board will reflect the
currently low levels of diversity within those positions. When seeking new
directors, looking beyond the obvious CEO/CFO choices will dramatically
increase opportunities to add highly qualified candidates with new

Companies should
also consider that, in addition to race, ethnicity and gender mix can make
their reach broader. Board members who have different skill sets, types of
education, and life experiences can make the work of a nonprofit more effective
and inclusive.

Read more at “Here’s One Way to Diversify the Boardroom” at Hunt
Scanlon Media.

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