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Crafting End of Year Campaigns that Work

As summer draws to an end, attention turns to end-of-year fundraising efforts. October is the biggest month for reaching out. So how should nonprofits prepare?

Many nonprofits stick with their tried and true when reaching out for end of year gifts. But are those methods really the best way to maximize response? Here are a few questions to ask in developing a program:

  • Is the ask forceful enough? Your ask should be specific and straight-forward. “Generous gift” doesn’t have the same power as a specific dollar amount. The same is true for the way your organization talks about its mission and needs. Concise, powerful and with a drive toward action is the best strategy.
  • Are there enough asks in enough ways? While the overall campaign should have cohesiveness in theme and design, one ask is just not enough. There should be several contacts and they should make use of many tools — letters, postcards, social media, email.
  • Has the campaign been seen before? It may be time to step out of the comfort zone and give donors something new. Something innovative and fresh may draw new eyes and attention in the sometimes overwhelming pile of asks a donor receives.
  • Does the strategy reach the donors that are most critical to the organization’s future? In general, older women give at the highest levels. Does the campaign strategy keep their interests in mind? Has effort been made to personalize asks to top donors? Is there an emphasis on renewals for current donors?

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